Fortis Freight and Logistics is a courier company registered in the Belgium, mainly dealing with shipping & export of special consignments, valuable assets and cargo delivery Worldwide. We are in partnership with many air and land courier companies in the Belgium and over the world and are able to deliver all sorts of consignments at the lowest price possible.


Fortis Freight and Logistics is one of the world’s leading air freight and independent carrier, responding quickly to your needs with prompt, effective and global solutions.


Our extremely high demand for freight and logistics skills has a reputable record. We offer sublime customer service in the logistics industry. We are earning our reputation through highly satisfied customers, vast experience, an unmatched quality of service and a highly dedicated team.


Our modern fleet that comprises of 108 air cargo partners¬†with a total operating capacity more than 5600TEU, ranking among the world’s top 10 air cargo service companies. Nearly 80 international and domestic services cover more than 100 countries around the world. In recent years, Fortis Freight and Logistics has successfully built a series of best-service and the company is becoming more competitive.

Our Air Cargo partners


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